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We're Now Stocking Shakertown Cedar Siding

September 16, 2020

Manufactured using only the finest Western Red Cedar vertical-grain heartwood, the new Shakertown Craftsman Panel features a full plywood back, a thick 3/8″ shingle butt and overlocking end-joints for a seamless appearance.

Shakertown Craftsman Panels go up 6 times faster than individual shingles and can be installed with a pneumatic nailer. And the blind/concealed nailing creates a true, traditional shingle appearance.

The panels are 8′ long and available in an exposure size of 7″, 4 1/2″ and 14″ (14″ exposure product is face nailed). Shakertown Craftsman Panels are constructed with a classic keyway joint or tight contemporary joint between shingles. The panels are available with an even-butt or staggered-butt line to match any home style.

Most importantly, Shakertown Craftsman’s 1-Course styling creates far less waste than a 3-course panel. Some waste can be expected around doors, windows, gables and tops of walls. With 3-course panels, 20% of your material will go to waste, while Shakertown Craftsman 1-Course Panels have only 5% waste. The cost savings in purchasing the material and waste disposal makes Shakertown Craftsman Panels the smart choice.