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Whether it’s for structural support or as a visual design element, we’ve got the columns you need for your next project.

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Convenient online ordering and account management

We are pleased to offer 24/7 account access to our customers with Monsma Connect. Monsma Connect provides secure online access to the following features:

Product Pricing and Stock Status
Invoices, Invoiced Orders and Paid Invoices
Open Credit and Debit Memos
Delivery Ticket Documents
Online Ordering
Create Quotes and View Pending Quotes

Phone or Fax Orders

Phone: 1-800-968-8714
Press 1 for Building Materials
Press 2 for Hearth Products

Fax: 1-616-245-1720, Building Materials
1-616-245-3643, Hearth Products

If you currently have an account with Monsma Marketing you can place your orders via email. Be sure to include your purchase order number, account number and purchasing agents name. We will deliver your order on our next truck.

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Permaporch Railing
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Pergola Systems
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HB&G Columns
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DSI Columns


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